Problems Facing The Library On West Africa Theological Bible school, Affiliate Of University Connected with Nigeri

The library has grow to be “a place entrusted with the acquisition, organization, storage, storage space, retrieval and dissemination of information in whatsoever format it would appear” (Olanlokun and Salisu 1993, ix). West If you have Biblical Seminary Library can be from the crossroad. The particular standard library practices in addition to modern technological advances must be developed and embraced in case it is to be relevant throughout this info age. That is the high price tag which must be paid for otherwise the library is going to at some point become like typically the well-known character who slept regarding twenty years in Gasgill Pile in Gulliver’s Travels and consequently woke upward to find the world absolutely changed.


The history regarding the above on;ine seminary could be realistically traced into the historic visitation by means of a pair of American missionaries (Rev. Doctor and Rev. Mrs. Whilst gary Maxey) who led a grouping of Nigerian and expatriate Christians to Owerri, Imo Express, Nigeria in April 1989. (The Maxeys had in the beginning proved helpful creditably in spiritual training in Port Harcourt for seven years). Typically the restaurant of the seminary inside 1989 was some sort of sensible demo of typically the need to actively get involved in the training of pastors, evangelists, missionaries and lecturers with Nigeria but likewise in other parts associated with the continent as well as the west. Presently, the online seminary is the largest non-denominational evangelical holiness seminary in Nigeria that has attracted college students coming from a broad spectrum of Nigerian Christian denominations, (and) ethnic groups. During some sort of lately completed semester, WATS features students from thirty associated with Nigeria’s states, through around forty language organizations, coming from (several) other African-american places, and from okay over 80 different religious organization groups (West Africa Biblical Seminary Prospectus 2004, 5).

The name of the particular seminary was changed coming from Wesley International Theological Bible school in order to West Africa Theological Bible school on 1 August 2001, the same season it migrated to 35/37 MM Airport terminal Street, Lagos, Nigeria. The particular association is usually affiliated on the University regarding Nsukka, Nigeria and at the moment offers several programs of study which includes: Bachelor of Arts at Religious Studies, Bachelor involving Arts inside of Theology, Diploma or degree in Theology, Certificate found in Computer Studies, Diploma found in Computer Research, M. A good. in Biblical Studies, Master of Divinity, M. Some sort of. in Dean jerrod Leadership plus M. A good. in Intercultural Studies. This seminary commenced publishing typically the West Cameras Theological Bible school Journal inside 2002.

1 of the immediate programs of the seminary can be to mechanize its collection collection. The crucial feature is to distinguish computer software that will be in a position to meet the needs of the online seminary. In looking for software, the seminary need to think in terms of network together with bear in mind that automation programmes usually need annual support fees.


It is a good truism that “the selection is the nerve center of instructional institutions” (Olanlokun and Salisu 1993, vii) and West Africa Theological Seminary Archives is no exception. This particular collection uses the 2nd edition from the Anglo National Cataloguing Principles (AACR2) in addition to the twentieth release regarding Dewey Decimal Distinction (DDC 20). The card listing is divided, “a report of authors and headings kept in a individual logogrammatic order and a new file of subject credit cards in alphabetical order” (Newhall 1970, 38) plus the filing system is letter simply by letter, a system in which “entries are registered without considering often the spots between words” (Nwosu 2050, 61). There is the book catalog, which has the projects (undergraduate in addition to graduate) submitted by individuals of the seminary and even some associates of staff who studied in different institutions.

In 2003 this library benefited from a good subscription compensated by Asbury Theological Bible school to apply the ATLA (American Biblical Library Association) Data source about CD Rom. This is usually a full tool constructed to support strict knowledge and faculty research. The library serves students, academics and administrative staff of the seminary and external people (academic staff and individuals from other theological institutions).

Waec Gce Expo 2020 include:


A. While in phrase: Mondays to Saturdays: dokuz: 00 a new. meters.? 12: 30 s. mirielle.

N. Holiday: Mondays to Fridays: 9: 00 the. michael.? 9: 00 g. meters.

NO OF TEXTBOOKS: thirty-six, 500

NO OF journal titles: 98



THE BOOK LISTING: Projects (both card and reserve catalog)



With typically the exclusion from the presenter, WATS library will be presently manned by 19 members associated with staff, 9 of to whom are pupil workers. These kind of student workers mostly function in the nights, manning the protection and even blood circulation desks (although simply no outside borrowing is done within this period). In addition, these people clean they library.


1 . Training and recruiting specialist librarians

Nine out there of the 19 people of staff are scholar workers who make use of this chance to raise a important portion of their costs together with, in some conditions, some extra funds to keep themselves as they follow his or her theological studies. Often the presenter is uninformed of just about any who has expressed interest in the particular selection profession. Services delivered simply cannot be classed as qualified. Unfortunately, only two associated with the normal people of employees have completed some variety of archives training at the senior supporting levels. The effects is the fact that the archives is seriously in need of specialist librarians otherwise it would certainly still run sub-standard companies. A great irksome dimension is usually that in many instances, junior people of personnel who also are usually in the the greater part “are allowed to do specialist duties in the shortage of the ideal cadre who should do them” (Nwosu 2000, 103).

The catalog for instance will possibly be used to demonstrate the effect the paucity or perhaps general shortage of professional librarians is having on the collection collection.

The most common form of archives catalog inside of West The african continent is the credit record and “there can be need to have for (one) to know the design of the program to help be able to put it to use effectively” (Nwosu 2000, 57). A challenge for this library is to maintain a new regular submitting rule. However WATS catalogue operates this system referred to as “letter-by-letter” or even “all-through” technique, there may be evidences of the additional method, that is the “word-by-word” or “nothing in advance of something”. The former is the common approach to alphabetization, exactly where M must generally come in advance of C. Within the latter, the place among words is included considering that the focus is on each of your word. When it becomes to the particular turn of the word in the transliterated sequence, all the associates are considered coupled.

Marrying the 2 main methods regarding filing or alphabetization could cost one the info the fact that is needed.
Another trouble is misapplication of the data rules. The American Catalogue Association Code (Rule 6) stipulates that “abbreviated thoughts should be registered as if they will have been spelled out in whole, together with one exception, that is, the abbreviation Mrs. St. can be therefore submitted as if that ended up spelled Saint, in addition to Mc… as Mac” (Harrison in addition to Beenham 1985, 82). The above rule is however misapplied in WATS selection. If the rule will be not used into concern, the word diagnostic scan are going to be filed before St when it should always be the other means round. In the same method, the Dr. (doctor) are likewise filed just before down and not the other way round.


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